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Cage labels and how to use them effectively in warehouse operations

Cage labels and how to use them effectively in warehouse operations

For the purpose of supporting put away, picking and cross docking you may find cage labels helpful. Either generate them from your channel system, use third party software or by purchasing them from Warewolf. Like location barcodes, we recommend protecting them using pouches.

Follow this link for more information about labelling

Cage labels. A typical goods movement cage user throughout the distrimution industry
A typical goods cage with place for fixing cage labels


TipWarewolf allows users to type in their trolley number so barcode trolley labels are convenient but not essential

Alternatives to cages

Of course, cages are fine for small and medium size products that aren’t too heavy. In your organisation you may well have your own take on cages. Since goods need to be moved from one place to another solutions include supermarket shopping trolleys, pallet trucks and forklift trucks. In addition to cages, solutions for holding the goods whilst being moved are cardboard boxes recycled from goods in, plastic crates and of course the wooden pallet.


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