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Customise column layouts, sort orders and export results to csv

Customise features

Since, many screens in Warewolf have more fields available than you might need, customise the views to suit you and your role. Click on the ‘data’ action button to open a modal where you can select the columns you need, change the order of the columns and sort order. Note, the ‘data’ button may be under the ‘other’ actions button in some screens.

  • Select and deselect columns using the tick boxes
  • Drag columns to their new positions
  • Set the sort order by clicking in the box to toggle between no sort, A-Z and Z- A
  • Click save column selection


Goods out - Columns prior to customisation
Columns prior to selection

Customise by selecting, ordering and sorting columns
Select, order and sort columns


Filtered and sorted columns after customisation
Filtered and sorted columns

Each time the screen is opened it will show the columns and sort order that you previously set.


Click the export button to send your data to csv. Of course you can change your column selection and export accordingly. Provided you don’t click save column selection afterwards, Warewolf will return the column and sort selection that you previously made. In this way, you can export more detailed information that is shown in the screen.

Last Update: January 18, 2017  

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