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Export from Warerwolf to csv and downloads features

Export from Warewolf to csv feature

Most screens in Warewolf provide the means to export their underlying data in csv format for further analysis in spreadsheets. Look for the ‘data’ action button which may be grouped under the ‘more actions’ button.

Export data action button
Data action button

The column selector opens to show the ‘export csv’ action button. Click it to create the csv download.

Column selector - Export csv
CSV button

Warewolf gives a confirmation message which clears after a few seconds.


File generation may take a short while if the data size is big. To find your files, from the main menu,  ‘downloads’. A list of recently created files enables you to select the ones you want for download.

When the files are no longer needed, simply delete them form this screen.

Download screen
Download screen

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