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Location labelling ideas for improving your warehouse operation

Location labelling ideas

Warewolf uses location barcodes to minimise human errors during put away, picking and stock taking. Your warehouse locations are synchronised from your ERP/POS system to Warewolf and will therefore support your warehouse location layout. For example, with Brightpearl the location hierarchy can be represented by the shelf label below. Hence, warehouse location labelling is important.

Zone A-Zone
Aisle 0
Bay 1
Shelf 0
Bin 0


Location labelling barcodes
Location barcode

Depending on the material of your shelving system, we suggest that you use magnetic or self-adhesive pouches to protect the location barcodes and to distinguish them from normal product barcodes. Pouches are widely available as the Google search ‘barcode label holders for warehouse shelving’ will show. Ensure that they are suitable for reading barcodes through.

Location labels can be generated and printed using third party software. Alternatively, we can generate these for a small charge.

Location labelling tip

Location labels can often be found at high and low levels in dimly lit warehouse aisles. Make sure that the labels are big enough to be legible.

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